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How to make a Clothespin Puppet


  • Clothespin that opens and closes
  • Scissors
  • Poster board
  • Colored markers
  • Hot glue or contact glue


  1. Cut out a circle from the poster board.
  2. Cut the circle in half.
  3. cut a circle in half
  4. Decorate the two circle halves to create a puppet face.
  5. Glue the straight side of each half circle to a flat side of the clothespin so that each half circle is glued on one prong of the clothespin.
    The puppet’s mouth will open and close when opening and closing the clothespin.
  6. decorating the face and gluing to the clothespin
  7. Create a puppet body. Glue it to the head.
  8. attach a body
a finished puppet
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