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How to make a Puppet from Two Disposable Cups


  • 2 disposable cups, the same size with no design
  • Scissors
  • Colored markers


  1. Draw a circle on the first cup and cut it out.
  2. Put this cup on top of the second cup.
  3. Using the hole you just cut in the first cup, mark a circle on the bottom cup.
  4. Rotate the top cup until you can mark another circle.
    Continue doing this until you have no more room.
  5. In each circle that you marked on the bottom cup, draw a face displaying a definite emotion, such as happy, sad, surprised, etc.
  6. make a hole in one cup and draw faces with emotions on the other
  7. Place the first cup on top of the second cup.
  8. Draw puppet features, such as hair around the hole in the first cup.
  9. Rotate the first cup on the second cup each time the puppet changes its emotions.
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